Forma Italiana Today 

Trading means having the finger on the pulse of consumer buying habits, but also getting a thorough knowledge of the world and the problems of perfumeries and retailers in general.
We need to understand what consumers want, which products to sell, what new goods will be of interest to customers and, in some cases, predict future needs. It is equally important to know the multiple needs of retailers depending on their geographical location, size and characteristics. Without forgetting the professionalism, solidity and consistency necessary to gain authority with the large international groups that own the major brands.
Forma Italiana's business model is based on two founding principles: cooperation and loyalty in relations with suppliers and speed of action and pursuit of satisfaction in relations with customers.
This has resulted in it gaining an important position in its sector, the outcome of consolidated relationships in foreign markets, an international platform with global distribution, and speed of penetrating and controlling the market and its growth.

Forma Italiana currently operates in the wholesale and retail distribution sector with 4 warehouses of 12,500 square meters, 10,000 SKUs and 20 million items of stock available of perfumery, cosmetics, personal care and home care products.
In addition to trading, Forma Italiana offers high-end services in the field of logistics, administrative and functional assistance.