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Can a product bring joy?

If there is one thing that women have had to struggle with since the beginning of time it is the relationship with their own menstrual cycle and the problems (often very painful) that arise.
The idea of ??a product that could really make "those days" easier piqued our interest right from the outset.
The Livia project, in fact, originates from the meeting between Forma Italiana S.p.A. and a company in the medical sector with a high degree of innovation.

Livia is a high-tech device that neutralises menstrual pain without having to take drugs, because it uses electro-stimulation technology. Effective, intuitive, easy to use and in a modern design, Livia has been hugely successful internationally, so much so that it won the Golden Edison Awards in 2018 as the best innovative product in the women's wellness category.

Discover Livia 

The non-pharmacological solution
that offers relief from menstrual pain


Based on "Gate Technology" or "Gate control Theory", Livia transmits specific impulses that keep the nerves occupied.


Unlike drugs that need about 30 minutes to take effect, Livia offers relief as soon as you turn it on.


Our cutting-edge technology works through electrotherapy. A drug-free and non-addictive solution!

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