Mass Market

Mass Market Division

Mass Market Division

Assortment, volumes, expertise and services

Over the years, Forma Italiana has considerably strengthened its Mass Market division.
This division internationally trades in the main consumer goods, currently handling a product portfolio that includes some of the best-known lines for household cleaning and body care. In this progressive growth, Forma Italiana has been able to intercept and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the markets, making it a valuable partner for both customers and suppliers. Suppliers generally consist of large companies and national and international groups that are looking for solid, professional and always highly reliable associates.

The outlet for Forma Italiana’s Mass Market division is both in Italy and abroad, always able to provide customers with an excellent assortment, volumes, expertise and accessory services that meet all their varying requirements depending on their different sizes and sales channels.

Integrity, trust, respect and the pursuit of synergy in relations are the characteristics that have enabled Forma Italiana to ensure the most precious result of all, an extensive network of solid relationships with customers and suppliers.

Some brands in our portfolio 

Our Brand


Effective and good value

Sgreasy, the unbeatable grease remover containing Marseille soap; the professional product for the home.
Ideal for removing grease, stains and ensuring hygiene. Its innovative formula guarantees ultra-cleaning power for washable surfaces without damaging them: aluminium, marble, ceramic tiles and wood.
Two products, Sgreasy with Marseille Soap and Lemon and Sgreasy Sensitive with a delicate formula.

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The Project

Food & Beverage

The excellence of Italian food and wine

More than just trading. The project related to the food & beverage sector is the representation of a profound passion for the world of wine, seen as a synonym for the local culture and love for Italian food and wine traditions.
From this comes the Routes of Italy project, whose starting point is in the search for niche wine-making companies offering products of excellence, continues by a close partnership with the same producers and in creating privileged relationships with customers, and is completed with the offer of a series of services ancillary to sales.

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