Sales channels

Personalised and efficient services for every type of distribution

Forma Italiana has developed a solid yet flexible business model, which allows it to adapt perfectly to the changing needs of the markets and, at the same time, adapt to the needs of its customers who operate through the various sales channels.

This thanks to the high professionalism of the Forma Italiana team, which has gained thorough specific expertise in every type of distribution channel, both in Italy and abroad. The direct knowledge of the operational dynamics and of the problems related to each of them, today allows the company to excel in every area related to distribution.


The historical and social importance of traditional stores remains a focal point of our economy. Since the outset, Forma Italiana has implemented its own business model able to assure even the individual store the same added value provided to the big players, consisting of constant assortment, speed of supply and good value.
For this reason Forma Italiana is a valid partner for individual independent stores or for small / large sales chains, both in Italy and abroad.


Historically, Forma Italiana’s closest contacts have been with the sales channel of distributors. In Italy and abroad the company has managed to build a far-reaching network of solid relationships with the major distributors who, over time, have become true partners for both the luxury division and the mass market division.

Major chain stores

Over the years, with the emergence of the economic role of large sales areas, Forma Italiana has been able to mould itself to needs that became more challenging every day, managing to carve out the role of qualified supplier to the most popular supermarket chains , discount stores, department stores and drug stores both on the Italian and international markets.


Digital disruption has changed the deepest characteristics in every social context, including everything relating to purchasing habits. Forma Italiana immediately picked up the signals of change and decided to specialise in this area too, establishing a business unit dedicated exclusively to the e-commerce channel. Currently an indirect approach is favoured, thanks to important partnerships with the most qualified international players who are guaranteed specific skills, a wide assortment, speed of execution and logistics and shipping services up to the consumer's home.